WhoWhatWear Top Fashion Blogger Contest

WhoWhatWear is having this amazing blogger contest to find the next “Top Blogger”. They will chose 8 winners who will compete in an online webseries produced by the same people behind Project Runway. I saw the tweet about the contest yesterday and HAD to enter it. One of the stipulations is that you have to upload a “casting” video. There can be no music and it must showcase who you are style wise as well as your personality. So immediately I asked a very close filmmaker friend of mine, Geno Brooks, if he would help me out. He agreed…and the video above is what we created.

I also had to answer a few questions for them…and since my blog is new..I decided to post the answers to some of the questions here, so that you guys can get to know a little bit more about me.


My fashion philosophy is: Be true to yourself. Often times we are so caught up in following trends and buying designer pieces that we get lost in fashion and lose our personal style. Fancy names and expensive price tags do not make great style. It’s your own creativity and self confidence that make you stylish. I believe that you should never sacrifice comfort for fashion, and that confidence is the best thing anyone could ever put on. I think that everyone is stylish in their own right and although I may not wear what I see other people in.. I always try to find something beautiful, or unique, in what others have on. I make an effort to acknowledge the effort they put into (or tried not to put into) projecting their personality through their clothes.



Like the meaning of a smile, fashion is universal. It crosses cultures, languages, continents, races, and class. Anyone who wears clothes is affected by this industry. It is the one thing that connects the entire world, and most people do not even realize it. From the streets, to the magazines, to the designers, to the retailers… this industry is a never ending circle. Trends trickle down and trickle up and the entire world participates in this. Fashion is an art that allows everyone in the world to be an artist.


Grace Coddington- She is the true definition of a visionary. The way her mind works, how she is able to tell stories through visuals, it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

 Solange Knowles- She has impeccable style. Her ability to mix prints and textures is amazing. She always looks flawless.

 Gabrielle “Coco” Bonheur Chanel- She changed the game. She was a risk taker and cared about what no one thought. She believed in comfort and was known to break trends to create new ones. I admire everything  (that I know) about her. From her ability to design things that are still relevant today, to her ability to create a long standing fashion empire. She was creative, sassy, fearless, and a powerful business owner during a time when most women were none of those things.

 Rihanna and Madonna- They are true chameleons. Both of these women have great style that is constantly evolving. I admire that they are not afraid of change. Their confidence allows them to wear anything, any hairstyle, any makeup..and still have a major influence on people.