white fedora

white trench coat outfit

white trench coat outfit

all white denim outfit

white outfit



Hello Lovers!

Easter has passed and the Fashion lords have deemed it acceptable to wear white again. Okay, so I don’t really follow silly rules like that. In all actuality I was having a horrible hair day and this white fedora came to my rescue. Decided to wear white on white on white because it’s a color combo I rarely do. Felt like a black version of Audrey Hepburn strolling around the city in this.

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wrapped up

head wrap outfit

head wrap outfit

bindi and head wrap

indian kuchi

trendy mom jeans


Scarf & Bag- Francescas


Bodysuit- American Apparel

Shoes- Aldo

Jewelry- Vintage

I’ve been having the worst hair days this past week or so, and to combat that I just wrap it up in an oversized scarf. So many of you have asked me on Instagram about this particular wrap. I promise you it’s nothing special at all it is just a really long and thick cotton scarf. Normally people use silk or satin scarves for their wraps, but the thicker the scarf, the bigger your head wrap will be. So, if you are trying to achieve a wrap like mine, just use a thick scarf.

Mom jeans (or cutoff shorts) with a bodysuit is basically my go-to summer errand outfit. I own some variation of this body suit in tons of colors. For me, a bodysuit with anything high waisted screams “sexy”, but in the MOST effortless way possible.
What is your go-to simple/sexy look?