Empowerment Looks Like

Many of you know by now that I am an advocate for empowerment of all kinds. As a woman, a black person, and a rape survivor it is important to me that I use my platform to break stereotypes about each of these and to create new views on old subjects. Companies who use their profit and energy creating spaces in the world for the improvement of humankind in anyway will always get my money and respect…

Hello 30

Hello Lovers!!!

If you follow me on social media, then by now …

Twenty Sixteen

Happy New Year Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015 was a year of tremendous growth for me. It was painful. It was necessary. Letting go of people, habits, and even your own thoughts is never easy. I shed layers of negativity and emerged full of more light than I could have ever imagined…….

Bright Faced with Bliss

Happy Holidays!!!!!!! I can’t believe that it’s Christmas time already. Because I love you guys, I’m doing a little Christmas giveaway on Instagram for you on some of my new favorite beauty products. I’ve been using Bliss skincare products for the past 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the results….

Free Spirited

Most of my life I have been told “you’re such a ‘free spirit’ Vic”. I always assumed that was a testament to my nonchalant and creative nature. Sure, I am the type to march to a beat of my own drum, but this march has been far from free, or easy. The path to my free-spiritedness has been long, and grueling…