Vic Styles x Sucre Couture

If you would have told me 3 years ago when I started my blog that I would be creating a capsule jewelry collection, I would not have believed you…..

Desert Chronicles

I had a weekend getaway to Joshua Tree a few weeks ago and fell in love. I typically elude any type of heat and or intense sunlight, so a trip to the Mojave has never been in my plans. I was selling myself short….

Vegetarian Vic


Hello Lovers!!!

Happy World Vegetarian Day… and the kick off to Vegetarian Awareness Month!!!! Today marks the 11th year anniversary of my vegetarianism. It has been so long for me that not eating meat is just a regular …

Flawless Skin with DHC

Flawless skin is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I still struggle with it. I may not get horrible acne anymore, but trying to find a regimen that keeps the zits away and reduces scars can be daunting. Anyone who has problem skin knows that you will try ANYTHING to get a perfect complexion, so when I heard of the oil-cleansing method I jumped on board……..

Short Suited

It is VERY rare that I’ll ever throw on a suit. I chose a creative career so that I could escape the mundane life of “business casual” everyday. However, when I saw this short suit from Rue 58 I fell in love.