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reduce eye puffiness on the go

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Hello Lovers,

I am in the midst of my first New York fashion week, and exhausted is an understatement for how I feel. I’ve been ripping and running these New York city streets nonstop. My face has taken a beating. Not literally, but makeup everyday, not enough rest, & not enough water will surely have an effect on your skin. Luckily the team at DHC made sure I was properly equipped for such a hectic week (make sure you checkout part 1 of this series for how I prepped my skin for this week).

I always get asked how do I get such flawless skin, especially with such an on-the-go lifestyle. The key word is consistency. I make sure to wash and moisturize my face every single night. Even when I don’t feel like it. This week was full of tired eyes and tired skin. Here is what I used to keep my perfect glow going all week:

  1. Olive Virgin Oil Swabs– These are lifesavers. Perfect for removing eye makeup at night. I stuffed a few of these in my bad everyday to erase any mascara or eyeliner that ran during the day. Instant & easy clean up.
  2. Deep Cleansing Oil– You guys already know this is my FAVORITE cleanser of all time. I used this every single night to remove makeup, dirt, and grime.
  3. Face Wash Powder– This stuff is magic. Seriously. It comes out of the bottle powder, but when you add water it turns to a foamy face wash. I used this nightly after my cleansing oil. NYC is dirty. And I wore a lot of makeup. I wanted to make sure my face was free from all filth. This is the most PERFECT travel face wash for those of you who only want a carry on. It isn’t made of harsh chemicals, and since it isn’t liquid it can easily fly in-cabin with you.
  4. Eye Bright– I used this every night under my eyes to depuff. It works guys. Trust me. It works.
  5. Camu-Camu White Essence– This was used every morning after a cool wash cloth wipe down. This serum instantly brightens your face and makes you look more…alive.
  6. Rich Eye Zone Care Pack– Aside from making me look like a superhero, these things are jam packed with all the good stuff to REALLY rejuvenate your eyes. It’s sort of uncomfortable lying around with something around your eyes, but the 10 minutes twice a week were totally worth it.

I also used DHC makeup during my busy NYFW, you can catch those products on my Instagram.

Be sure to catch part 3 of this DHC series. Next week I fill you in on how I detox and revive my skin after such a busy trip.

*This is a sponsored post, however all the views expressed in this post are my personal truths*


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