busy week skincare routine. DHC skincare products review

NYFW skincare prep with DHC

busy week skincare routine. DHC skincare products review


Hello Lovers,

NYFW is next week and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. This is my first Fashion Week, and I’m equal parts excited and overwhelmed. I haven’t packed, created a schedule, and I have shoots everyday this week until I leave.

Sure, since fashion week is about FASHION, what you wear will take center stage. But, you can’t be flawless unless you have flawless skin too. DHC and I have partnered up for a 3 post series about how I’m caring for my skin throughout such a busy week.

Pre fashion week skincare prep is all about exfoliation, hydration, and consistency. I am vowing to consistently wash and care for my skin at night NO MATTER how tired I am. These products have been saving the days (and nights).

  • Olive Corn Body Scrub and Polish– I’ve been exfoliating daily with this. My legs are my favorite body part…so I’ve been spending extra care sloughing off the dead skin.
  • Extra Nighttime Moisture-¬†This stuff is a miracle in a jar. My skin has never been softer or more moisturized.
  • Mild Lotion (toner)- No alcohol to dry your skin out, and infused with cucumber. This toner is refreshing and definitely has soothed my skin after long days this week.
  • Beauty Lift (eye care)- Yall. YA’LL! This week has been full of sleepless nights, early mornings, and tears (because men suck..but I’ll save that for a later post). This under eye roll on has literally saved my face. It has taken my swollen eyes to normal size literally overnight.

Make sure you come back for Zoloft pfizer 50 mg to see what travel-friendly products I’m taking to NYFW.


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