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going vegetarian questions


Hello Lovers!!!

Happy World Vegetarian Day… and the kick off to Vegetarian Awareness Month!!!! Today marks the 11th year anniversary of my vegetarianism. It has been so long for me that not eating meat is just a regular part of my lifestyle. Still, I frequently get strange looks and people are ALWAYS curious as to what life is like as a vegetarian, so i have decide to answer a few questions I get asked most often. If you are thinking of making this lifestyle I commend you, I support you, and I encourage you to read this post to relive you of any anxiety or questions you may have.

Why did you become vegetarian?

I am an advocate for animal rights. They do not have voices, so it is our job to speak for their wellness. The way that animals bred for food are mistreated in this country is nothing  short of sickening. It hurts my heart to see the cruelty and greed involved in the farming industry. I initially stopped eating meat because of the harsh conditions the animals were subjected to. As my journey has gone on I also believe that overall it is just better for our health to not eat meat.
Was it difficult to stop eating meat?

Yes. VERY. There are so many hormones and chemicals in the meat that we eat that an addiction is developed, and it is hard to break any addiction. It took my around 6 months to completely stop eating Chicken.

Did you notice any differences when you stopped eating meat?

I noticed a difference in my metabolism immediately. I process food quicker than meat eaters. This means I spend more time in the bathroom than meat eaters as well (lol.) My skin cleared up instantly. My hair and my nails grow extremely fast and extremely long. I have more energy and I am able to sleep better at night.

Are you always hungry?

Not aways, but since I don’t have meat to fill me up I do eat more frequently than meat eaters.

What do you eat?!?! How do you eat at restaurants? 

I eat a lot of vegetables (obviously). My diet consists of a lot of pasta, quinoa, beans, whole grain breads, tofu, morning star products. When ever I eat out places there are normally accommodations for vegetarians and vegans (especially living in LA). If I go to a place that isn’t vegetarian friendly I simply make up my own meal. At Taco bell I get tacos without meat. At McDonald’s I’ll ask for a Big Mac with no patty. Do not be afraid to ask places to make adjustments to meet your needs.

Where does your protein come from?

A simple google search will tell you where vegetarians get their protein. I eat a lot of eggs, kale, spinach, quinoa, legumes, and beans.

What is the biggest challenge being vegetarian?

My biggest challenge is eating healthy. Because veggies don’t fill you up it’s easy to supplement meat for carbs, which isn’t great for you. I am in a constant battle of eating healthy or eating to be full.


I hope this may have answered any questions you may have had about being vegetarian. If not, please feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts, questions, and concerns.

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