The Day I fell In Love…with Brooklyn

all photos shot by Nicky Famous

I remember it vividly. After a winter of isolation, it was one of those fleeting “warm” days where spring and winter are at war…. but somehow spring won the battle for today. The normalcy of passing strangers on the sidewalk seemed to return. The streets of Bed Stuy were a melting pot of Brooklynites: Caribbeans, Gentrifiers, Hipsters, Artists, Students…. and everything in between. It felt……right. Cherry Blossoms blooming, musicians busking on street corners, sidewalk brunches, sunshine, and living. Not just living, Brooklyn thrives. Sure, she isn’t polished and pretty, but that’s her allure. Her imperfections leave you feeling alive, they are a reminder of reality. Brooklyn shows you that grittiness and beauty can coincide, that preservation of culture is attainable, and that a city (much like a person) has many layers. So, it was on this day, after these realizations…that I fell in love with Brooklyn, New York.

Pants are Simonett
Shades are Anine Bing