how to keep a journal

The art of the Journal

how to keep a journal




Hello Lovers!!!

As National Self Improvement month continues, so does my own improvement. Part of the way I’m self improving is by writing in my journal every single morning. I have always kept a journal, since I was kid I have always had a desire to document my feelings. Over the past few months I have been so overwhelmed with work and life that I stopped writing. I developed a really bad case of depression and I picked up writing again as a way to get some of those negative thoughts out of my mind. I wasn’t sure if the writing would actually help me, but in those moments it felt freeing to get my thoughts out of my mind and out into the universe. Want to know something? Writing helped! I won’t say that it “cured” my depression but it definitely helped ease my mind at times. Here are a few tips I have for keeping a journal:

  1. Make sure you like what it looks like. Before buying the journal you see pictured above, I had a big black book. It was scary and overwhelming. Just looking at the journal, I was never inspired to just write. Make sure you get a journal that inspires you to write. I posted a few cute ones above, they are all available to purchase online if you just click the thumbnails (be sure to move your cursor to the right to scroll and see all of the options).
  2. Keep your journal close to your bed. I keep mine on my nightstand and I find that since it’s in close proximity I am more prone to write in the mornings or right before bed since I don’t have to physically get up to get it. It also helps if I want to jot down dreams or ideas in the middle of the night.
  3. Keep it personal. You are more likely to write your truest feelings if nobody else has access to your journal.
  4. Don’t feel obligated to write. You don’t have to write every single day. Don’t try to force that on yourself, just write whenever you want, and however many pages you would like to write. Just let it flow naturally with no pressure.

Do any of you keep journals? Any other tips on successful journaling?


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