Sunday’s Secrets: Forgiveness

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I’ve been going through [necessary] growing pains this week. I’ve had to come face to face with less than pleasant situations, and the recurring theme has been forgiveness.

I am learning to be more transparent with myself, and to acknowledge my part in transgressions. I am also learning to forgive myself. The beauty of being human is that we can create whatever reality we would like to see for ourselves. So no matter what you’ve said, or done, or didn’t do… leave it in the past and start creating a new for yourself.
You have the right to make mistakes and you have the right to be forgiven for them. I saw a quote on Instagram that said “let your hands be so busy catching blessings that you don’t have time to hold onto grudges”. Free up your hands.

Remove people from your life who can’t see past your past mistakes. You are growing and evolving & anyone who won’t acknowledge that doesn’t deserve a seat at your table.

Allow yourself to make mistakes but also allow yourself to learn from them. You are human and imperfections come with the territory.