Summer Day









Photos by Brian Love

Dress c/o- MsTingLee

Shoes c/o- C. Label

Bag Phillip Lim x Target

Scarf c/o- Single Dress

Happy first day of summer lovers!!!

Nothing says summer like a hot day & sunny day. We have been having lots of those in LA and I have been loving every moment of it. Headed downtown with the beau this week for a few meetings. Stopped at Grand Park to shoot a few blog pics for you guys. If you live in LA and have never been to Grand Park I highly suggest you go. It’s a cute little oasis of pink benches, diverse people, a cool mirrored wall (perfect for selfies), and complete with a fountain.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been having a bit of a skin issue. To combat that I decided to pull my hair back, and of course I secured it with a scarf. Wearing a scarf allows me to get away with a not-so-perfect bun. This little denim dress from MsTingLee is PERFECT for a summer day: It’s easy to throw on, matches pretty much ANYTHING, and it’s lightweight.

What are you guys wearing to look chic while combating the heat??

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