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A 5.5 week mentorship program for the creative that wants to get their sh*t together. This is about taking a step towards your dreams. This is about investing in yourself and your creative career. This program is designed to help you unlock the conscious creative within. It’s perfect for anyone who is ready to buckle down and make the commitment to chase their dreams— I’m just here to help you do it.

*next program runs February until March 15*



  • Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur in need of guidance, a freelance creative who is seeking a thought partner, or an influencer who needs mentorship- this course will offer tangible ideas and solutions.
  • You’re looking to elevate your brand through carefully curated content and a distinct brand voice.
  • You are ready to build your community,  grow your following, and expand your network.
  • You need an accountability partner
  • If you don’t know where or how to start your creative career
  • You currently feel stagnant in your creative business



  • How to create content with the tools you currently have
  • Apps for creating, organizing, and editing content
  • The importance of building a brand aesthetic (and I’ll help you create one)
  • How to create a media kit
  • How to create and manage an editorial calendar
  • How to pitch to brands or influencers
  • How to establish your creative business, and the importance of a solid business foundation
  • How to find your voice and your niche
  • Understanding and building a creative process to help optimize your work flow
  • The importance of investing in yourself
  • Time management
  • Understanding your audience and showing up authentically for them
  • Community building techniques that will keep your audience engaged and growing
  • The importance of cultivating and establishing trust with your community
  • Tips to gain the confidence to put yourself out there



  • Introductory syllabus that outlines the full course description
  • 4 tell-all guides delivered at the start of each week. Each guide is a deep dive into the course work for the week and is the road map to ensure you leave the course more comfortable with where you are and where you’re going in your creative career.
  • Weekly one on one assessments
  • 1 hour weekly group video chat



Vic Styles, is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, influencer, and brand architect.  Vic’s honest and relatable approach to independence, authenticity, and self-care motivates her community to become the architects of their existence and to design the lives they want to live. She is shifting the narrative of what it means to be a conscious creative entrepreneur, and is seen as a credible expert in various fields. Having partnerships  with some of the most recognized brands across the globe, she is an influencer to be revered.  She’s held campaigns with Maison Margelia, Free People, Southwest Airlines, Shea Moisture, Kia Motors, Grey Goose, Ulta, Barney’s NY, Swarovski, CVS, Aveda, Lucky Denim, Cantu,  ASOS, Almay, Black Girls Sunscreen, Everlane, and many more. In 2021 she sat as an advisor during an exclusive Diversity & Equity board meeting for Estee Lauder Global brands to help them implement more diversity throughout their influencer partnerships.


CEO of cannabis media company, Black Girls Smoke, she has created a platform for black women to gain knowledge, advocacy, and community within the cannabis space. With a growing platform of over 50,ooo followers on Instagram and the biggest 4/20 party in Brooklyn, Black Girls smoke serves as a case study for Vic’s brand architect portfolio.  Black women deserve to be amplified in the cannabis industry and Black Girls Smoke exists to do just that.


She is the co-host and co-creator of the popular podcast, Kontent Queens. Along with  The Notorious Kia, Vic is committed to sharing influencer industry knowledge with other creators of color. Kontent Queens exists as a tool to empower creators to remain in control of their content, livelihood, and creativity.


Her latest company, Good Day Flor, is a cannabis brand that seeks to blur the lines between cannabis, femininity, and aesthetic. Recently, GDF became one of the only black owned brands to enter New York City’s legal cannabis market at Good Grades NYC and Housing Works. Vic’s ability to align with other social equity brands for launches demonstrates the importance she places on building community. 


She has had the honor of being featured in Essence Magazine, Forbes, Rolling Stone, InStyle magazine, Teen Vogue, Blavity Paper magazine, Broccoli magazine, Herb, Birdie Beauty, Refinery29, and many others.



*it is important to me that everyone who wants to sign up is able to do so. There is a payment plan available, please send an email to for more information about this*


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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for The Blueprint

  1. Taylor

    Vic is so relatable and welcoming. Put this together with her wealth of knowledge and you have a mentor that actually cares about your growth. She genuinely wants to see you succeed and takes the time to ask questions and really get to know you and your brand. I definitely recommend her program if you’re unsure of what to do or having trouble figuring out your audience.

  2. Christina ‘Poofy’

    Vic is a versatile and knowledgeable blogger who really helped elevate my brand. Her program helped give me the tools and confidence to finally launch my blog and website. She provides lots of resources and a great freeform structure to get things done on your time and your way. Thank you all your help!

  3. Tracy

    I was tired of making excuses so I invested in myself. To me, it’s a great investment!!!
    The program is complete. However, there aren’t any miracles. You must do the work.
    Vic helped me figure out what I wanted to do (my Why?). I recommend totally! My following didn’t change on Instagram, but I worked on fun projects like a collab with the local TV. I get to work with people I love, and it feels great!
    Thank you Vic!!

  4. Colleen

    Vic helped give me constructive feedback in order to step up my game on Instagram which helped me to land a couple of collaborations. With her consistent feedback and progressive conversations, I was able to grow my following. I would recommend anyone to take part in this mentorship program and to understand that whatever you reap, you will sow. Vic is going to do her part but you must also do your part in order to meet your goals. Thank-you for such a great experience!

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