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Kimmie Keyes nails

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colorblock maxi dress

be stylish and sexy at the same time


Dress- Urban Outfitters; Bag- BCBG (similar here); Shoes- Zara (similar here); Glasses- Aldo (similar here)



The heat here in LA these past few days has been nothing short of unbearable. So much so, that I literally dread leaving my house. However, I did venture out yesterday for Fashion For Breakfast at Cecconi’s with my girl Raven.

I tried to put on the minimal amount of clothing necessary required to look half way decent in public. I opted for this sheer color block dress I scored from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. Since my dress is a little old it’s no longer in stock, but if you check above I did find a few other amazing striped dresses you may want to look into. I was feeling slightly daring (mostly because of the heat) and wore only my undergarments underneath. Now, this is my first time ever doing such a bold (and possibly skanky) move…but I felt completely comfortable. I wore black full coverage undergarments and since my dress had so many colors you REALLY had to look hard to even notice I wasn’t wearing much. I will definitely be doing more of the sheer trend, especially if it stays this hot.

Here are a few tips to help you rock the sheer trend effortlessly:

  1. Wear the proper undergarments. This mens making sure your bra and panties match, and don’t have any holes (or look ratchet in any way at all). Also make sure that everything is covered.
  2. Darker colors. I think darker colored sheers as well as darker colored undergarments tend to look better.
  3. Try to wear pieces that are looser and that flow. Anything tight and sheer screams “stripper” to me.
  4. BE CONFIDENT! Your undies are showing so people are bound to stare. Make sure you own the look.

PS- Did you peep my AMAZING manicure??!?!?! THE Kimmie Keyes (nail artist to ALL the celebs) did them. I can’t wait to share better pictures and all the details with you guys!!!!


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