Reset + Recharge

Adidas sweatshirt. How to relax and reflect

I’m convinced that I don’t fully grasp the concept of rest. I know it’s vital to my well being, however, it’s very difficult for me to do. As a creative my mind is always moving, and as an entrepreneur my to-do list never ends. Forcing myself to relax is necessary— here are 5 things I do to relax and unwind.

  1. Put my phone, iPad, and computer in another room. I’ve found that I’m less likely to reach for devices when they aren’t, well, within reach.
  2. Throw on something comfortable. Nothing helps me relax more than being in comfy clothes. My latest obsession is this Adidas Sweatshirt from the Zappos x Cotton collaboration. I literally don’t want to take this thing off.
  3. A cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile is calming. It helps ease anxiety and aids in relaxation.
  4. Sleep. I’ve started to give in to my body. When it says “I’m sleepy” I listen now; whereas before I would push myself to a miserable limit. Allowing my body to do what it needs when it needs gives me more energy in the long run. The body repairs itself when you’re sleeping, so when you’re tired..lay it down.
  5. I threw away my “no days off” mantra. Affirmations are real. Words hold power. The more you tell yourself that you don’t get any days off, the more you’ll believe it. Everyone needs a day off, it’s how we reset our bodies and minds. Take that day off. You deserve it.