[Hat-H&M; Shirt- Vintage (Jet-rag); Necklace- Forever21; Pants- Zara; Purse- Chanel]

I feel new, or maybe renewed is a better term.  I was going through a mid-twenties crisis that stemmed from an awful breakup and branching out to do freelance work. But after 3.5 months of being single and working for myself.. I am happy with both decisions. I have had amazing work opportunities and more just keep coming. As far as my dating life…well it’s pretty awesome as well.

In the past few weeks I learned so much about myself.. including my style. I HATE stability. I like to move, I embrace and encourge change. That’s why my style (and my hair) changes so much. Sometimes change is unexpected, and that is the type that I fear. I like being in control and when things don’t go as planned I sort of lose myself a little, but that has been noted and I’m working on it.