box braids


2013 plaid trend


mixing prints red


monochrome red


[Shirt- Vintage; Pants- Zara; Shoes- Aldo; Jewelry- assorted]

Guess who got tired of her hair and swapped her fro for braids……. yup, me.

Guess who is completely obsessed with mixing prints within the same color scheme? Yup.. me again.

I fell in lust with these pants from Zara as soon as my eyes landed on their perfect print. After trying them on… I instantly fell in love. The fabric is sooooo soft and the slim silhouette makes my legs look very long and lean (which is never a bad thing).

My incredible shoes are from Aldo. They also come in a great blue color…but I opted for the red because I ended up buying cobalt blue boots (which I will share with you guys next week).

It’s been a crazy month. My style is changing (I feel like I say this every week), and so is my life. What are some new things you are adding (or subtracting) from your life and/or your wardrobe?????