Well Suited






Hello Lovers,

Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching, which for me means brighter colors and bold prints! This suit is one of my favorite spring/summer staples. I paired it with a gingham shirt to get a little print on print action going. People are ALWAYS asking me for tips on how to mix prints. The best advice I can give you is to just go for it! Be confident in your decision, because confidence is what really ties any look together. I suggest pairing a “neutral” print with a bolder print. By neutral I mean leopard, stripe, gingham, polka dot prints that are a little more subtle in size and color. Then choose a bolder print. This may be bold in color, pattern, or size.Put the 2 together and there ya go!!!!

What prints do you guys find yourselves pairing together?

(check out some of my favorite prints for this season below)