pink clay mask healthy natural skin care

Pink Clay Mask

pink clay mask healthy natural skin care

pink clay mask healthy natural skin care black owned skin care beauty products


Hello Lovers!!!

Skincare is on the top of my list as far as personal health goes. Your face is the first thing people see,  and it’s also one of the biggest indicators of your health status. People who eat poorly, don’t get enough sleep, and are stressed out often have awful skin. I work pretty diligently to keep mine glowing. Part of my healthy skin care practice is a weekly mask.

I am quick to try a new mask, and also quick to throw them away if I’m not impressed. When my good friend Ashley Blaine Featherson launched her skincare line with Christina.. I was stoked. I get to support my friends AND get great beauty products? Fuck yes.

I purchased the Balance Clay mask because my friend made it…. but I fell in love with it because it’s GREAT!!!!! I have used it weekly for about 2 months now, and my skin thanks me. It’s made out of all natural ingredients, smells amazing, and leaves your skin glowing after each use. A huge pro is that although it is a clay mask, it does NOT give you that uncomfortably tight feeling in your face when its drying.

I urge you to try the Balance Clay Mask as well as the other products in the BlaineLorenn line. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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