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natural hair fashion blogger black girl

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Shirt- c/0 Sudara; Jacket c/o Amen Papa; Sunglasses c/o Shady Boots; Jeans- Old Navy; Boots- Zara; Necklace- Vintage

Hello Lovers!!!

January was Human Trafficking Awareness Month and February is Black History month, so my first post this month is a merge of the two causes. Sudara is a clothing brand with the most amazing PJs (and this rad MLK shirt). Sudara offers jobs to women in countries where they may otherwise be denied basic human rights. The company raises awareness about women’s issues across the globe, including human sex trafficking.

Many of you know by now that I am an advocate for empowerment of all kinds. As a woman, a black person, and a rape survivor it is important to me that I use my platform to break stereotypes about each of these and to create new views on old subjects. Companies who use their profit and energy creating spaces in the world for the improvement of humankind in anyway will always get my money and respect. I love that fashion and philanthropy are able to mesh to create savvy ways to raise awareness.

What are your favorite philanthropic brands?

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