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Period Panties


When it comes to period paraphernalia I’ve tried it all: all sorts of pads & Tampons, organic protection, cups, and now I’ve added period panties to the list.

I’ll admit, I’m late to hop on this bandwagon. My apprehensions stopped me from experimenting with this trend. What if they didn’t work and I ruined my clothes, or my sheets? 

When Sustain asked if they could send me a pair of their newest addition, I said sure. But honestly, I was just being nice. I had no real intention of trying these out. And then…. I ran out of pads and tampons one night. Alas, all I had were these dreaded panties.

I slipped them on underneath biker shorts, and sweatpants before bed. The extra layers were there just in case these fancy panties didn’t hold up.

The next morning… no leakage. Actually there was nothing strange at all (aside from the slight smell of blood). It was safer than sleeping with a tampon in, way more comfortable than a pad, and less weird than the cup. 

Convinced the only reason they worked so well was because I wore them lying down, when the bleeding is somewhat subdued… I decided to take them for a real test drive— an intense workout.

After hand washing the undies and letting them dry overnight, I took them to my Saturday morning booty workout. The results? They withstood the ultimate test: 45 minutes of a high intensity workout. No leakage, no discomfort. 

I think I’m a fan of the period panty revolution. Once I get a few more pairs I’ll be on my way to a more sustainable period that accumulates less waste. Even better than that, they look 1000x better & are more functional than my traditional period panties (you know the big ass white ones that come in a pack of 5). 

Would you ever try period panties?