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Sweatshirt c/o  T-Boutique; Denim shirt- Thrifted; Pants- TopShop (similar); Shoes- Casadei (similar); Shades- Zara (similar); Earrings- Thrifted;   Bag- Phillip Lim x Target

Sometime last month Tamera from the blog Plan T introduced me to her line of fun tees and sweatshirts…and I fell in love. The cute fashion phrases definitely caught my eye; but the softness of the fabric is honestly what made me swoon. You guys know I hate comprising my comfort for style, and lucky for me Tamera’s line allows me to be both. Luckily for you guys she’s offering a special discount just for my readers! Enter code: VICSTYLES   at checkout to get 10% off of your order (offer is only good until March 19th).

Below I had a hanse to interview Tamera to find out a bit more about her, her blog Plan T, and her store T-Boutique.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
So, to avoid telling my life story, a brief synopsis: I am New York born & raised. I attended Howard University for Fashion Merchandising. I was always fascinated with fashion from a very young age, designing friends’ prom dresses and from there, it evolved into working in merchandising and product development after college. I started wardrobe styling in 2008 and launched my fashion blog soon thereafter. I just made the jump from corporate to focus on styling, writing for my fashion blog, Plan T and TBoutique, my online apparel store.
When did you start Notoriously Chic?
I launched the “Notoriously Chic” tee in Summer 2013.
What inspired you to start this line?
I loved the fascination of verbiage t-shirts and just wanted to launch something that reflected me and was fun. I asked my friend, another great blogger, Blake Von D, to wear the “Notoriously Chic” tee and it just went viral. I thought, hmmm, “maybe I’m on to something?” In late winter 2013, I launched additional message tees under TBoutique. The apparel is really an extension of who I am. My style has evolved a lot since 2008, but the values are the same: comfort, simple, fresh and bright. I can dress up these shirts just as much as I can dress them down and still make it my own. That’s what I want the wearers to know. You don’t have to be tied to just jeans when wearing tees. That’s why I pose different outfit ideas so people know there are so many possibilities.
What does it take to be “notoriously chic?”
(laughs sheepishly) It doesn’t take much really. For me it takes boldness and confidence. It takes a bold chica to wear the “Notoriously Chic” tee. But you just have to believe it. Own that shit. But to get technical, fit is key. I always tell my clients that you must dress for the size that you are, not the size you aspire to be. You can’t wear a “Notoriously Chic” tee and then have on trousers 2 sizes too big or too small.
What are your goals for the brand?
In the past 6-7 months I’ve learned a lot about what makes my customers tick and how to run a successful online boutique. My immediate goals are to continue to spread the word about TBoutique and offer quality tees and sweatshirts. Long term, the possibilities are truly endless. When I launched the first tee shirt, it was just a whim and since then people have noticed and so I’ve taken notice to elevate the quality of the product and just continue to be personable towards my clients.
What other projects do you have going on?
Well I’m always yapping on my fashion blog, Plan T:When Plan A Falls Through, and doing editorial styling. In April, I am working on teaching a few styling and personal wardrobe styling workshops, so be on the look out for that! I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for teaching topics I’m passionate about, so the workshops are certainly a long time coming.
Where can we find you?
Twitter: ThaLookbook
Pinterest: Thalookbook22