DIY flower crown

afro flower crown

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Natural Hair flower crown



coachella outfit


natural hair flower crown


All Photos by Pancho Moore

[Tunic- Nordstrom; Shoes-Crown Vintage; Flower Crown- DIY; Necklace- Bouji Broad]

Guess who went to Coachella?!?!?! Nope, not me, lol. I was stuck in LA working.. but just because I didn’t get the chance to hang out in Indio doesn’t mean I can’t dress like I was there. I headed out to USC to spend some time playing in the rose garden and felt it was only appropriate for me to wear flowers in my hair.

I must say that I have ALWAYS wanted to wear a flower crown, but I was so intimidated. I thought flower crowns were reserved for women without afros..but this past week I learned such was not the case. I took a trip to the Dollar tree and bought some floral tape and wire, and 3 faux rose bushels..and tried my luck. The above crown is the result of my experiment (and I am thrilled with it).

The team over at Bouji Broad was kind enough to send me over this completely stunning statement necklace (which I happen to wear all the time now)….and…. I’m offering you guys a chance to win it later this week. Make sure you check back for details on how to win this amazing piece.

Peace, Love, & Style: