Mom’s Cooking

family dinner spread

formal family dinner

shrimp skewers

alabama dinner

baked brisket

french chair gold

southern croissant

lemon lime brocoli and cauliflower

baked shrimp

formal dining room


The best part of visiting home is my mom’s cooking. My mom is an AMAZING cook and her food not only looks like it belongs in a gourmet restaurant, it tastes like it as well. For my last dinner at home she made a medley of my favorite things: Shrimp Skewers, Mediterranean rice, Borek (a Turkish sort of egg roll), lemon-lime broccoli & cauliflower, cabbage coleslaw, and croissants. She also made her famous BBQ  Brisket for my boyfriend and dad.

Because I ate soooo much food during my vacation I’ve decided to do a 3 day smoothie cleanse…starting today. I will keep you guys posted on my results via instagram, and of course look out for a blog post with all the yummy smoothie recipes. But for now, I will drool over these photos and reminisce on that heavenly meal.