Mixing Leopard and Stripes

hot pink blazer

mixing prints

pink and leopard print

styling a pink blazer

mixing prints


Blazer- Borrowed from my BFF (similar here)

Shirt- Michael Stars (similar here)

Pants- H&M (similar here)

Shoes- Zara (similar here)

Bag- BCBG (similar here)

Shades- Aldo (similar here)

Necklace- Gift (similar here)

Hello Lovers!!!!

I hope all of you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend!!! I would first like to thank all of you for your overwhelming support and responses to my What Is The Price of Style Post. It’s refreshing to know that I have inspired so many, and I want you to know that you all inspire and motivate me to keep being exactly who I am, so thank you.

A few weeks ago I saw my best friend wearing this blazer and I HAD to have it. The beauty of having a bff is that you don’t always have to go out and buy new pieces, you can just steal theirs for a bit. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever return this. ..I mean.. what are friends for, right????

I’ve had these H&M pants for a looooooonnngggggg time. They are my go-to comfy pants (we all have those, right?). I always recommend having a pair of lose fitting printed pants. Trust me.. for those “bloated” days they are the PERFECT way to be stylish and still comfortable. Being the mix master that I am I had to pair these leopard (or cheetah.. I’m not really sure what animal this is supposed to be) pants with stripes. To add a pop of color…. I added the blazer. And of course I’m wearing those white strappy sandals again hahahaha.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are considering wearing cheetah print and stripes:

  1. They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. In my opinion both leopard and stripes are just as much of a basic as gray, black, or tan. So don’t let the fact that they are prints scare you away.
  2. Choose one bold print and one subtle print. If you are going to do bold stripes make sure your leopard print is a small print and vise versa.
  3. Don’t go color crazy. Try to stick to fairly neutral stripes (black/white, red/white, navy/white, red/black) as well as a neutral leopard print (nudes, browns, tans). Add color with a belt, shoes, clutch, or blazer like I did.
  4. Add a belt or blazer to break up the busyness.
  5. Use accessories. You can always do a stripe shirt with leopard shoes, belt and/or bag.
  6. Own it!!!! However you decide to do your mix make sure you are confident in your decision.


What are some of your favorite patterns to mix? And…. are you borrowing things from your best friend too???


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