Mix It Up Monday: White Tee

The white tee shirt. I can not think of a more basic wardrobe staple. It’s something everyone owns, no matter what your gender or personal style may be. It can be worn in virtually any situation, can be purchased at any budget, and fits all body types. Unfortunately, the t-shirt often gets categorized as too casual for anything other than errands or a workout..and such is not the case. Below I show you 5 unconventional ways to rock your white tee. Huge shoutout to the team at Urban Philosophy for hooking me up with this great tee, you can purchase yours HERE.


LOOK 1: Fun and Flirty

For the first look I paired the t-shirt with a simple pair of jeans. Added a bold statement necklace for style, and a colored heel to dress up the look.

white tee sirt



LOOK 2: Office Attire

Who said you can’t wear a t-shirt to work? Tuck in your tee to your favorite trousers, throw on a blazer & some heels and you are ready for the office.

t shirt with suit



 LOOK 3: Date Night

Simply white tee for a date??!?! OF COURSE!! Simply add a high waisted skirt (something with bold patterns, sequins, or fun colors really makes your outfit stand out). Tie the shirt up in the front to show a little skin, add heels and jewelry and you are ready to go.

tee with skirt



 LOOK 4: Sporty Chic

Throw on a form fitting dress (think of one you would never wear during the day) over your tee. This dresses the shirt up and makes a sexy dress a little more sporty and fun for daytime wear.

tshirt under a dress



 LOOK 5: Bad Hair Day

I can’t even begin to name the number of days in a week where I’m having a horrible hair day and can’t find a scarf or hat that matches my outfit. Luckily, I know how to twist a t-shirt into a makeshift turban to match whatever I’m wearing. (I will upload a tutorial on this sometime this week so stay tuned)

tshirt headwraptshirt turban