vintage levis flash photography

Live. Love. Laugh. Learn.

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vintage levis flash photography

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Hey Lovers,

Blogging has become boring. Let me clarify, I am personally not bored from the act of blogging… but I am bored with the content I’m seeing. Everyone looks the same. There is this redundancy of flawless images, perfect flatlays, and no real character. Life isn’t like that. Life is not a series of pretty pictures and perfect moments. Life is about finding the beauty in mistakes, loving without limits, learning from experiences, and laughing about it all. In all of it’s beauty life can also be ugly, chaotic, and unplanned. I want my blog to be a menagerie of things…because that is what my life is. I want this space to be a collection of real moments from my real life, and posey over edited ass pictures can’t do those experiences justice.

We have created a culture who is equally obsessed with pictures and perfection (two things that do not go well). A photograph is a memory immortalized. What types of memories are you capturing if they are all staged?

Some moments only call for lots of wine, Las Vegas, and flash photography ¬†with Alex Michael May & Caroline Juen, and sometimes that’s enough content to blog about.

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