Jungle Woman

[Dress- Mink Pink; Shoes- Steve Madden; Bag, Glasses & Jewelry- Vintage]

First off let me apologize for my long absence. I booked a feature film, 3 photo shoots, and a few more small gigs so I was beyond busy.

It’s finally SUMMER!!!!! For me this means bright colors, prints, and loose flowy clothing. My legs are my best accent so I wear lots of short dresses and shorts. What do you guys like to highlight on your body?

My dreamy boyfriend came into town this weekend and played paparazzi nonstop. It was sort of awkward and yet amazing at the same time.Beleive it or not I feel strange posing in front of a camera, but he makes it a tad bit easier.

I promise to post more often now that I’m not busy.

Live Free. Roar loud like a lion.