I’m back

[Hat, tights, bodysuit- American Apparel; Shorts- Vintage Levi’s; Sweater- Louis Vuitton; Bag-Chanel; Shoes- Forever21; Necklace- Marc Jacobs; Bracelets- assorted]

It’s been SOOOOOO long!!!! Oh how I have missed blogging.. but life fucked around and got busy, so I had to take a break. Good news is that I’m back!!!! I took these pictures about 3 weeks ago with the amazing Geno Brooks. Make sure you guys go follow him on Twitter and on Instagram. He is a really good friend of mine and a dope photographer and director. So here’s a quick life update:

  • I just drove my roomamte and one of my best friends across the country back to Alabama. Not sure that I will ever do that drive again.
  • Now that most of my close friends have moved back home I feel…..alone.
  • Currently interviewing for a really really REALLY great stylist position (I’ll let you know details if I get the job)
  • I have allowed myself to fall in like with the most incredible person.