Great Return

all photos by Kunjo
Hat: GiGi Pip
Shirt: Kai Collective (black owned)
Pants: Sincerely Tommy (black owned)
Shoes: Sincerely Tommy

On March 19, in an Uber ride to get my locs retwisted, I decided to be a blogger again. The resurrection of an internet from the past is exactly what I needed to ease the staleness I’ve been feeling from Instagram. A pre 2010 internet where none of us knew how many blog views the other had. And none of us cared. We did it because we had a passion for storytelling through the lens of our lives. There was something therapeutic about it. The reader spent more time with you, because they had to be intentional about being there. They couldn’t just quickly scroll past you, your pictures, your thoughts, your life in a millisecond. They had to stay there a while, revel in your words, your photos, your art. 

I want that back. The beauty of doing just because you want to. The satisfaction of knowing someone, even if only 1 person, found you and cared enough to read what you had to say. The weightlessness you would feel after dumping all the heaviness into a blog post, and never wondering how many people would save it or share it. Blogging is an art. A lost art.