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sequin tank

 (I apologize in advance for the quality of these pictures. I changed the ISO settings previously & forgot to change them back.. but I just had to share these)

[All photos taken by Jackson McMillion]

Jacket- Aqua (similar HERE)

Shirt- Arden B. (similar HERE)

Shorts- Cotton On (Similar HERE)

Shoes- Zara (Similar HERE)

Watch- Stolen from the boyfriend (Similar HERE)

Clutch- Vintage (Similar HERE)

It’s very rare that I have a mainstream glamorous moment. I don’t really consider myself a woman who is synonymous with the word glamour. When I hear that word my mind instantly reverts to Old- Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, Rita Hayworth or even the glamour goddesesses of today like Kim K. or J.Lo. These women all exude this sort of sexy fashionista vibe, always so well put together from their style to flawless hair and makeup. Well, this past Monday I glammed up to attend a meet-and-greet with Janelle Monae. My long-lost bff from middle school lives in Chicago and invited me to go with her.

It was extremely exciting to see her in person (her beauty will leave anyone speechless). She shared words of wisdom, thoughts of creativity, and left me with a yearning for her album.

I absolutely loved everything about this outfit. Mixing prints and textures is becoming something I’ve become more and more attracted to, as well as sort of looking more “put together” as a whole. Nothing makes me feel sexier than bare legs and HIGH heels, and for me red lips and red nails solidify the mark of a glamorous woman.

What makes you feel sexy and/or glamorous?