faux locs

Fall Transition w/ Francesca’s

transitioning dresses into fall

faux dred locs

leopard print bag

shift dress with leather jacket

transition dress from summer to fall

faux locs


Dress- Francesca’s (similar here)

Jacket- Francesca’s

Bag- Francesca’s

Glasses- Francesca’s

Boots- Sam Edelman

Hey Lovers!!!

Yes, I do realize that the first day of fall was this past week. But, I live in LA and depending on the time of day it is you could be in mid-summer or early fall weather. This in-between weather makes it sort of difficult to figure out what to wear. I teamed up with Francesca’s Collections to give you a few tips on how to transition smoothly from summer to fall and dress appropriately for that in-between weather.

  1. Layer! Make sure you wear things you can easily put on or take off, so you can effortlessly switch seasons during the day if necessary. Let’s face it.. it’s cooler at night and in the mornings, and warmer during the day. Nobody wants to be stuck wearing heavy clothing when it’s hot outside.
  2. Show some leg! Wear a skirt or shorts, but pair them with a heavier top. This allows you to get a fall inspired look, without being totally covered up.
  3. Boot it. Throw on some boots with your shift dress or shorts. Nothing screams fall like boots. And again, you are still not completely covered, so you are still comfy and not baking during the warmer times of day.
  4. Leather Jacket! This goes hand-in-hand with layers. A leather jacket is so easy and effortless to throw on and look chic.

How are you guys transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall??

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