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Hello Lovers,

So many of you visit my blog because you like my style, my hair, or you’re interested in beauty. But many of you don’t know the story of my career. It’s pretty long and gruesome, so I’ll give you the cliff notes version.

During my senior year of college I decided that I was wasting my time on a degree I was never going to use. I wanted to be a wardrobe stylist, and getting a psychology degree seemed irrelevant to me. With only 3 classes left to graduate… I dropped out of school. I packed up my car and drove 3,000 miles from Birmingham, AL to Los Angeles. I didn’t have a job. I have no family in LA. I didn’t have an internship. I had $500 to my name and found some girls on Craigslist to live with. I started working at a bar and interning for FREE with a huge stylist. Within a year of being in LA I went from sleeping on friends’ couches to flying around the country styling some of the biggest names in Entertainment (Big Sean, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dog, Tia Mowry.. and more).

I don’t currently have a career title. I style. I blog. I write. I host workshops. I throw events. I am the fashion editor of CRWN Magazine. I have a campaign for rape survivors. I am a self proclaimed professional dream chaser. For me, ideas about new business ventures, books, classes, and events pop in my mind non stop — and they are executed as quickly as they are thought up.

Everyone has passions and dreams about what we’d like to do with our lives, places we would like to go…but sadly most people dismiss those thoughts. Do not be one of those people. Cultivate your dreams and desires. Spend energy on them. Invest your money and resources in them and watch them grow. It’s so humbling how many emails and messages I get weekly from  women saying thatI’ve inspired them. It truly feels great…. but I do not want to be some intangible inspiration. I want to cause action in women. Please do not look at me and think I’m lucky. I’m not. I have worked hard to get here, even when the odds were stacked against me. My purpose is to show YOU that anything is possible…even for you. Below I’ve created sort of an outline for what helped me get to where I am.

Here are my 10 commandments of dream chasing:

1-Do not ever give up. Things take time to manifest. Give them the time they need. You can’t rush greatness.

2- No dream is too big. If you can think it, you can achieve it.

3- Invest! Invest your time, money, resources, and energy into your dream. Invest more in your dreams than you do on the mundane things of life and you will reap the benefits tenfold.

4- Ditch the fear. Fear is a misuse of the imagination . Instead of breeding doubt and negativity you could be using that energy to create positivity and reassurance in yourself

5- Team work makes the dream work. Surround yourself with like minded people. They will uplift you & encourage you when you need it. And a tribe of resources will get you further than simply relying on self.

6- Just do it. Just start. Start planning. Start executing. There will never be a perfect time. Start now and start with what you have. The rest will fall into place as you continue on this journey.

7- Fuck a Plan B. All that time you’re putting into cultivating your backup plan…you’re taking time away from your real dream. Focus on what’s really important to you, and you will reach your goals quicker (& with less emotional & financial debt).

8- Nobody is more special than you. Everyone you admire, everyone who inspires you — there is nothing in them that you don’t have yourself. Anyone can start from nothing and become everything they have ever dreamed of….even you.

9- Failure is not an option. This will not be easy. And you may stumble….hell you may even fall. That’s okay. A fall is not a fail. Get back up, and get back to it.

10- Trust yourself. There will be people in your life who doubt you. There will be people in your life who do not understand your vision. Don’t expect them to. Trust that you can happen this happen.


I hope this post inspired someone to put their thoughts into action, or perhaps motivated you to not give up. I love you (even if I have not met you). I love that you are even thinking about walking this path. You can do it. Trust me.

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