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Do you remember the time?

Dress from DOEN

As human interaction has become almost nonexistent, I reflect on the people I’ve encountered, the experiences I’ve shard, and the memories I’ll carry with me forever. Like the summer of 2004, before I went to college. The summer I’ve coined “Summer of Freedom”. Hanging out at malls, unchaperoned dates, wild summer nights filled with under-age drinking, and tattoos that I now regret.

Or the summer of 2000, that gap between middle school and high school where preteendom ruled. Lisa frank, Limited Too, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer were my obsessions. The only worry I had was what color should my braces be only next visit, and how do you insert a tampon.

All photos by Emma Pure

Summer of 2020 may not be the fun-filled summer of my dreams, but it has been one full of nostalgia. Netflix is airing Moesha, I watched Scarface last week for the 375th time, I made friendship bracelets for my bffs, and I started horseback riding again (my favorite childhood sport). What I’ve realized is that sometimes you have to go back in time and find ways to fall in love with the forgotten parts of yourself. I’ve found that while I may not be able to create the type of new memories I’m craving, I can revisit old ones and revive those experiences for now. I invite you to do something this week that you haven’t done in a while. I would love to hear about it in the comments below. stay well.

Earrings from Jenny Bird