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DHC skincare review

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dhc product review

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Hello Lovers!

Flawless skin is something I’ve struggled with my entire life  I’m still struggling with. I may not get horrible acne anymore, but trying to find a regimen that keeps the zits away and reduces scars can be daunting. Anyone who has problem skin knows that you will try ANYTHING to get a perfect complexion, so when I heard of the oil-cleansing method I jumped on board.

Being too eager worked against me, and my first attempt at the OCM did not work. In fact, my face just got worse. I had no clue which oils to use, how to moisturize, or anything really. I had given up on using oil to cleanse my face when I was introduced to DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil. I was skeptical at first, but after 6 months of using the product my skin looks amazing. It is olive oil based,which I’ve always heard id horrible for your skin, but somehow theirs works wonders. It is also jam packed with other oils and nutrients that will have your skin flawless. An added bonus is that it is a super powered makeup remover as well.

After the oil worked so well I decided to give the other products a try as well, and of course I was equally amazed. The Camu-Camu White Day Milk is my second favorite product. Not only does it act as sunscreen but it INSTANTLY brightens up your face. There have been so many times when I leave the house sans makeup and only the day milk on and people literally stop to tell me how great my skin looks.

If you have problem skin and you want to try a line who uses mostly natural ingredients and that actually yields results I urge you to use DHC. I normally wear makeup and edit my photos for my blog posts. I did neither for this post just so you can get an unfiltered idea of what my skin looks like.

*All of the products were complimentary, but there was no compensation offered for this post. All ideas, thoughts, and suggestions are based off of my own perception of the products*


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