fall denim on denim

Denim x Denim

denim on denim

silver name necklace

caca rouge henna dye on natural hair

vegan leather black bag

wearing men's button downs

how to wear a guy's denim shirt

fall denim on denim


Shirt- Gap (similar here)

Jeans- Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Bag- Francesca’s

Necklaces- 9th and Elm

Shoes- Jimmy Choo (similar here)

Hello Lovers!!!

It’s fall!!!! Well, okay, it’s not really even close to being fall here in LA, but I would like to pretend. Denim on denim is probably my favorite “color” combination to wear. It’s easy, effortless, and always look really chic. I’ve done it before last year on the blog with boyfriend jeans an an oversized shirt.

Lately I have been obsessed with wearing oversized men’s shirts, but leaving the first few buttons undone. The largeness of the shirt makes me feel comfortable, but showing a little bit of skin makes me feel sexy. I am not one to ever be overly seductive in my attire because I feel like I can be sexy without showing too much skin, and for some reason these oversized shirts make me feel sexier than any form fitting dress I could slip into.

Another obsession of mine are my new name necklaces from 9th & Elm. Seriously, I LOVE them. I wear them every single day. If you guys have not signed up for 9th & Elm you need to! It’s like a new improved version of Etsy and there are just so many great little trinkets on the site. They have everything from fashion, to food, to gifts. Even if you aren’t ready to purchase anything it’s still a fun site to browse through.

So lovers, What makes you guys feel sexy? And after you sign up for 9th and Elm let me know what you bought (or what you’re thinking of buying).

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