Creed & Cloth

Creed and Cloth

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[Shirt- J.Crew; Pants- Urban Outfitters; Shoes- Forever21; Ring- Creed & Cloth]

First let me start by saying I was having an AMAZING hair day on this day.

Secondly, a very close friend of mine Arielle Stewart was brave enough to follow her dreams and start her own jewelry line. Of course as soon as the line dropped I placed my first purchase and I am blown away by the quality and quirkiness of her pieces. I had the pleasure of interviewing her about Creed & Cloth, her goals, and inspirations. Make sure you guys support her brand and her vision. You can shop the line HERE. You can keep up with the brand via Instagram @CreedAndCloth_ or on Twitter @CreedAndCloth_  Thank you Arielle for inspiring me and I am so excited to watch C&C grow.

 What inspired you to start a jewelry line?
I was visiting a small bookshop, shopping for incense… it was just another lazy Saturday afternoon around Union Square. In the bookstore I stopped to look at a selection of rocks and minerals. A woman came by and asked me if I was a jewelry designer and my response was “No. I’m just looking. I used to collect rocks/minerals/gemstones when I was little.” She then said, “You know… They say if you’re looking for your passion, go back to your childhood” and walked away. Her words inhabited me for months. I finally opened my footlocker at home, blew the dust off my old rock collection, and started sketching (as shoddy as my sketches may be- Haha). That was the inception of my jewelry line and I’ve been obsessed since day one. I’m not buying wholesale, ready-made jewelry and reselling it- I’m sitting down in my little workshop and creating. I put my ideas on paper, hit the pavement to handpick my materials, and put my hands to work. Lots of love goes into what I’m doing and I hope people feel that.

Where did you get the name “Creed & Cloth”?

When I tried to think of a name for my brand… I failed. Nothing sounded or felt right to me. So I decided to stop thinking about it and when I did, it came to me one day in the shower (which is where I come up with most of my brilliant ideas). “Creed” can be defined as any system or codification of belief or of opinion. A creed can be a doctrine/attitude, faith, ideology, persuasion, profession- All of this embodies the feel of my brand, and what fashion is to many true style addicts/fashion junkies. The “Cloth.” is short for “clothing” which represents the actual physical properties of fashion and represents originality, “Cut from a different Cloth.” Plus, I have a thing for alliterations, so Creed & Cloth. stuck.
Where do you pull inspiration from?
In New York inspiration is literally everywhere. When I’m on the subway, in the park, out with friends… I’m surrounded by the quirky and bizarre. Between the people, the florescent lights, all this concrete, and the constant rush of NYC, I’m simply inspired by the energy around me.
What goals do you have as a jewelry designer? Where do you see your brand 5 years from now?
Right now my focus is getting my name out there, building the brand and building my customer base. I want my jewelry to be sought after. I’d love for celebs to be spotted wearing pieces and for C&C. by Ari to be featured in magazines, et cetera. I also plan to use my jewelry line as a platform to give back, inspire, and help those in need. Those are my goals in a nutshell, but I’ve learned to not to put any limitations on my dreams. The possibilities are boundless and I’m excited to see where C&C. takes me.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to design jewelry, or who has a dream/passion they would like to pursue?

Have a motive- Know why you’re in pursuit of whatever it is you’re after. Constantly study your craft. As an entrepreneur you must be business savvy- Study that too. Find a mentor who will nurture you throughout your journey. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in and support you (I’m talking positive energy, not just a ‘yes’ crew). Stay open to feedback and constructive criticism. Network. Pray and meditate… or whatever suits you- Just find inner peace and draw strength from somewhere. Believe in yourself, believe in your CREED, follow your heart, & do it.