[Fur Coat- Vintage; Sweater- Polo (stolen from my dad); Jeans-Habitual; Sneakers- Converse; Lion Chain- Vintage; Rings- Assorted; Sunglasses- found at Santee Alley]

Spent last weekend in The Windy City and fell in love. Having only experienced the airport I had no idea what to expect other than a high murder rate, but what I found was unexpected beauty.  Each block I walked downtown had me more and more intrigued, and while it was too cold to have my camera out the entire time my mind filled itself with visual memories better than what my Nikon could capture anyday.

My bucketlist for 2013 is to visit as many places in the U.S. as possible. I want to see this vast country we live in and experience all it has to offer. I’m pretty sure I will be visitng Chi-town again..hopefully next time it will be a little warmer.