mixing spring prints


blue aviator sunglassesmixing prints spring fashion mixing spring prints blue aviator sunglassesgold kuchiblue lace up sandals

*All Photos by Angelica Jackson*

Rings from Blaque House



Hello Lovers!

Have you ever fallen in love with something in an instant? I have. These cobalt blue babies from Forever21. I saw them, and I knew we had to be together. I love them so much that I’ve basically built my entire spring wardrobe around them…. Including the print on print action above. A few tips to help you mix prints:

  1. Try to stick with a base color. Whatever your color choice is, it helps if both prints you are trying to mix have a bit of that color in them.
  2. Mix one bold print with one smaller print. Here, the top has a small square print, and the skirt has a bold floral print. The two mesh perfectly to form an effortless pattern on pattern flow.


What item from your closet are you coveting now?

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