dex clothing sweatshirt

all white outfit

all white summer outfit

mixing shades of white


(Photos By Jessica Rae)

Sweater c/o Dex Clothing

Jeans- Arden B. (similar here)

Shoes- Zara

Clutch- Clara V.

Hello Lovers and Happy July!!!!!

I’m not one to really dress festively on holidays. But since the 4th of July is a few days away I figured I would throw on my version of red, white, and blue. Yes, I’m wearing a sweatshirt, even though it’s July mornings here in The Valley are a bit chilly. Lucky for me this one from Dex is ultra lightweight, and since it’s in such a light color I don’t look to silly wearing a sweater in the summer.

Wearing all white can be….tricky. Here are a few tips I use when wearing white:

  • Wash your hands!!!!! Make sure your hands are clean of any makeup or anything else before touching your clothes. I don’t know if it’s just me, but white gets dirty sooooo easily.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of white. I love mixing cream and white (like I did here).
  • Accessorize. To avoid looking like you are fresh out of a psych ward don’t forget to add accessories. You don’t want to look bland. And, since it white, everything matches!!!!!!

I’m flying to Alabama in the morning to spend the holiday with my parents. What are your plans for the holiday and what will you be wearing???


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