shoe dazzle boots

Black & White

top knot and baby hair

black and white fall dress

high bun and baby hair

black and white dress


shoe dazzle boots


black and white dress


Dress- Little Mistress

Shoes- Shoe Dazzle

Shirt- Forever21

Hello Lovers!

There is no color combination more classic than black and white. I would never really describe my style as classic, but I find myself suddenly drawn to these colors. As I mentioned before, my style is changing so I’m going to attribute my new color infatuation to this. This dress from Little Mistress is the most perfect work-to-play dress. If you ditch the button up, the dress can easily transition into a nighttime look.

Oh, and my shoes.. aren’t they just divine??!?!?!? So, I stumbled upon this site called Shoe Dazzle, and it is everything that I have been waiting for. It is a monthly subscription for…SHOES!! The beauty about it is that you can skip any month and not be charged, and it’s FREE to sign up. The best part? Your first purchase is HIGHLY discounted. I got these boots for $14. Yup.. $14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of crazy, right? I honestly recommend you guys sign up and check the site out, and at the very least grab your first pair of shoes for SUPER cheap.

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