black girl pink hair

Before I’m 30….

curly pink hair

black fashion blogger



black girl pink hair

brocade top

curly pink hair

black fashion blogger


Jacket- Zara (similar here)

Top- Forever21 (similar here)

Pants- Vintage Valentino (similar here)

Bag- Vintage

Shoes- Casadei (similar here)

Rings c/o- Tuleste

Necklace c/o- Clique On It

Hey Lovers!!!!

Notice anything new? My hair is pink. This is probably the boldest and best decision I have ever made. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much like myself as I do now. Having pink hair is like having a new found confidence. My 29th birthday was last week and suddenly the realization that I’m almost 30 is vivid. Being a 20-something means growth, its an excuse to make mistakes and a complete 10 years to find yourself. At 29, I’m not quite ready to grow up and turn 30. Over the past week I’ve thought about my past and my present, but I’ve spent hours thinking about my future. What will 30 bring? To help prepare for the age change.. I’ve decided to make a sort of “to-do” list for myself. Maybe this will help me grow up, maybe it will help fight off some of my apprehensions, or maybe it may help some of you. Either way.. here’s my list.

20 Things to do Before I turn 30

  1. Experiment with my hair (my hair has been black & curly most of my life)
  2. Start a savings account. (sure.. I have a very minimal savings, but as I get closer to the age of having a family money and financial security are becoming more and more important to me)
  3. Develop a sold workout routine. Lets face it, the older you get, the slower your metabolism gets. I notice my body changing and frankly, I don’t want it to. I was able to workout sporadically (or not at all) in my 20s and still look fit, but I know that won’t be the case for much longer.
  4. Get Sexy. I am the queen of granny panties. In my 30’s I want to be the queen of lingerie.
  5. Wear sunscreen every day. As I age, so does my skin. My plan is to make my skin look a lot younger than I actually am.
  6. Fall recklessly in love with myself. My flaws, my great qualities, I want to love everything about myself.
  7. Write a book. I mean…why not write a book about all the mishaps of my 20’s.
  8. Take a trip by myself. I’ve never traveled to an unknown place by myself. Might be zen to just “Eat.Pray. Love”
  9. Learn how to fill in my brows (I’m the worst. My brows are never on fleek)
  10. Actually perfect my makeup routine in general.
  11. Take a self defense class. (why not learn how to kick some butt)
  12. Get over all of my fears. I am afraid of a lot of things (namely chicken & the dark), and I would love to conquer my fears and step into 30 like a big girl.
  13. Perfect a foreign language. I speak broken Spanish and German, but I would love to be bilingual.
  14. Invest. Yup. I want to start investing money.
  15. Speaking of money… Get out of debt. I realize it’s going to take more than one year to get out of allllllll the student loan debt I have, but I at least want to get a plan together and start tackling some of it.
  16. Keep in Touch more. I am HORRIBLE  at calling people, sending cards, replying to emails, remembering birthdays etc.
  17. Decorate!!! I have yet to really put effort into decorating my apartment.
  18. Let my guard down. When it comes to life (and particularly love) I am completely guarded. In my 30’s I want to be a true free spirit.
  19. Get more organized. My desk is a shit show. That has to change.
  20. Be confident. Not pseudo confident….but actually beyond a shadow of a doubt, confident. I want to be confident in my appearance, my writing, my style, my blogging, all areas of my life.

Do you guys have a to-do list? How about resolutions? Anything you want to get accomplished before you reach a milestone in your life? Share your stories below!!!!

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