Vic Styles | Beauty Edit: Festival Fresh
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Best beauty products to use while at a music festival Coachella beauty skincare

Beauty Edit: Festival Fresh

Best beauty products to use while at a music festival Coachella beauty skincare Best beauty products to use while at a music festival Coachella beauty skincare Best beauty products to use while at a music festival Coachella beauty skincare

Festival season is in full effect and with it comes: dust, inebriation, no sleep, dehydration, sweat, makeup, and added UV exposure. Sounds fun, huh?

As an avid festival goer and all around outdoor concert enthusiast I’ve had to come up with ways to still stay pretty while partying. The following is a round up of my favorite festival beauty products.


To shower I use Plant’s “wake up” body wash. It doubles as aromatherapy and a body wash— perfect for an extra wake up after a long night. The days at festivals are long and hot. The last thing you want is a heavy lotion or cream on your skin, so for moisture I use this moisturizing lotion from Cannabliss (yup… it’s infusfed with Cannabis, how much more perfect could this stuff be?!?). Finally, I get my skin all shimmery with Moon Milk. It’s a lightweight oil with specs of glitter that will have your skin glowing all day.


I wore my fro out at Coachella. I didn’t want to rewash my hair everyday because 3 day old hair is more fun that fresh hair IMO. So to keep it hydrated, every morning and night I sprayed my hair with Briogio’s Rosario Milk. It’s a leave in conditioning spray that smells amazing and doesn’t have any of the bad stuff in it (sulfates, silicones, and parabans).


Skincare is a huge deal for me, but I’m sure you know that by now. The desert is harsh on skin— it’s dusty, lots of sun, and tons of sweat. This is a recipe for disaster for your skin. Here’s what I used to combat the harsh elements:

  • Dermilogica’s Daily Microfoliant. It’s a gentle cleanser that simultaneously exfoliates. That means it’s able to clean your pores of all that dust, sweat and dirt.
  • The Butter Bar Skincare SPF. I use this every single day. It’s a serum that also acts as an spf. It smells great and keeps your skin protected and glowing.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Hylaronic Acid Serum. This is what’s going to give your skin that dewy look. It packs the moisture in your skin, which is necessary in the desert.
  • Cannabliss Revitalizing serum. When it’s hot outside I avoid moisturizing creams. I find them too thick and pores clogging. This serum is lightweight and is a good replacement for traditional a moisturizer.
  • Vitamin C serum. Any brand will work. It just gives your skin that added glow.


Festivals are fun. What’s not so fun is the wear and tear they have on you. No matter what your beauty routine, make sure you stay hydrated this summer during all your outdoor fun.




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