Bad Hair Month


[Shirt- Gap; Shorts- Vintage Levi’s; Shoes- Casadei; Scarf- Forever21; Necklace- Pink Suede Boutique; Bracelet- Sucre Couture]

As you guys may know, I love the denim on denim trend. If you feel like you aren’t bold enough to try just plain denim mixed together try pairing a printed denim with a solid one, like I did here.

Now, let’s talk hair. If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I tried to color my hair with some cheap box color. Not only did I get no results, but my hair also broke off about 2 inches. I am doing a 31 day protective style challenge for the entire month. Protective styling DOES NOT help your hair grow, it simply prevents breakage and helps to retain the length that you have. To help with hair GROWTH I workout, take vitamins, and eat healthy.

 While I am a firm advocate of protective styling, I have never done it for 30 days nonstop. I just was not confident to wear braids or twists out in public, but I have decided that the health of my hair is more important than a great fro. Below are a few rules for my new challenge:

  1. Wash or co-wash every Sunday. I will pre-wash with Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water. I RARELY use shampoo. I co-wash with Heavenly Scent conditioner that you can purchase here—> Heavenly Scent
  2. Braid, twist, or style hair in styles that require little to know manipulation during the week. (braids, cornrows, twists, flat twists)
  3. Wear wigs and turbans to change it up.
  4. Moisturize!!!!!!! I moisturize right after I wash with Heavenly Scent Shea Body butter (which is great for hair), and then do my protective style.
  5. Stick with a night routine. At night I put a little bit of Heavenly Scent “Maintain Your Mane” oil in my hair and then cover with a silk scarf.

How do you guys feel about protective styling and what are some of your favorite styles?