Back to the beginning….

The year is 2009, Instagram hasn’t monopolized our lives yet. And there are women on the internet posting perfect images with captivating words on their blogs. I looked up to them: Karla Deras, Rumi Neely, Karen BritChick.. and so many others. An aim at following in their footsteps, I created my own blog: Fashion = Love. It was a serendipitous merge of imagery and words. One that would, unbeknownst to me, pave the way for. my current career: Content Creator.

Swim suit from Vitamin A. Hat from Free & Easy

But then Instagram happened, and the “Influencer” was born…. and blogging began to die. Blog views subsided as Instagram followers rose. Many bloggers abandoned their sites and focused on creating content for social media… myself included. I feel like I’ve lost the art of creating for myself. Instagram has a way of sucking you in, whirling you around, and engulfing your entire life. I want off the ride. No… I’m not quitting IG, I’m just not giving it as much energy as I have been.

I want to go back to the basics. Where I’m writing my heart out, telling stories with a string of photographs to match, and smiling even if no-one reads what I’ve written. I prefer it that way, because it feels more real. There’s no performing for 58,000 people, because honestly only about 20 will actually brave the internet outside of Instagram to consume content. So hello you 20. Welcome to this little slice of the internet that I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into. I hope you leave this place a little more inspired than when you came. Thank you for being here.

All Images by Emma Pure