The Windy City

(Dress- Love Culture; Shoes- Old Navy; Purse- Vintage; Jewelry- assorted places; Watch- Stolen from the Boyfriend)

Hey Dreamers!!!

I am currently on vacation so I want to apologize in advance for my lack of blogging. I have spent most of my vacation so far in my boyfriend’s oversized t-shirts or comfy robe. Sometimes Its nice to do nothing but sit around and eat junk food while reading amazing literature (both of which I am currently guilty of).

I stumbled upon this dress in Love Culture while out shopping for one of my clients and instantly fell in love. It’s so fun and flirty and the print has a very “Solange” feel to it. I stole this gold watch from my guy, and I honestly don’t plan on returning it.. I like the subtle masculinity it adds to my arm party. As far as shoes go, I literally own these jelly sandals from Old Navy in every color. I have lived in them all summer long.. and for only $12 they were a complete steal.

Stay tuned for more shots of me in The Windy City.

PS- All of these photos were taken by my AMAZING boyfriend Jackson. Follow him on Twitter —> HERE and also on INSTAGRAM.