work from home during cOvid tips.

10 Ways To Work From Home Like a Boss

Working from home can be a gift and a curse. On the one hand, it allows you time and space to dive into work in a comfortable space. On the other hand, it can be a daunting task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how to remain productive. I’ve been working from home for 9.5 years now, I’m not an expert but I can offer some advice and tips on what helps me power through my workdays. I invite you to adopt some of the tips below and use them in your own WFM practice.

  1. Get up and get dressed. My grandmother worked from home. She used to wake up every morning and get dressed, put on jewelry, and do her hair…. just to go to her home studio. She taught me that getting dressed gets your mind in the groove to be productive.
  2. Have a start time. Just because you aren’t commuting or physically clocking in, doesn’t mean you should skip out on a designated start time. This allows you to practice some sort of morning/wellness routine and then transition into work.
  3. Create a designated work space. Working from bed sounds GREAT. Actually doing it? Not so great. Your mind equates the bed with rest (and other things), but not work. You’re more likely to procrastinate and get less done if you try to work from bed. I suggest creating an office space away from your room (or at the very least away from your bed).
  4. Make a to-do list. I find that I tackle more when I know EXACTLY what I need to tackle. When I wing it is when I forget important tasks,
  5. Take a lunch break. Your mind and body need a break. Spend at least 30-60 minutes away from work. Try to eat foods that are nourishing and that will provide energy.
  6. Reward yourself. This is my favorite tip, The mind loves positive reinforcement. Finish a task? Have a snack, buy yourself something, binge on a show. Trick yourself into thinking work = rewards.
  7. Keep your phone out of reach. My phone is my biggest distraction. Between IG, group texts, and emails… I’ll never get anything done with that thing around. I keep my phone in my room, which requires a nice little walk to get to. This forces me to focus on work and not whatever is going on in my SMS.
  8. Have all the proper technology. It’s much easier to get work down when you don’t have to stop and download this program, that app, or your computer keeps dying. Make sure all the software and hardware you need is ready to go.
  9. Make sure you move. Keep those endorphins moving and flowing. Get up and stretch every now and then. Go for a walk if you need to. Your body and mind will thank you.
  10. Stop when it’s time to stop. The line between work and life can get blurred really easily when you work from home. Help yourself create a balance by setting a stop time and adhering to it.

I pray these tips help get you through these next few weeks. If you have other suggestions, please leave them below.