Style It Your Way with Echo Designs x Hunt Slonem

scarf as a belt


_DSC0032 38

scarf as a belt


Scarf c/o Echo Designs

Top- Azul By Moussy

Skirt- Thrifted

Shoes- Aldo

Hello Lovers!

My girl Raven of Swank Stylista and I have been trying to do a collab post for FOREVER. How ironic that it took her moving all the way across the country for us to actually get it done. We are going to try to do a monthly “Style It Your Way” post to give you guys a few ideas on different way to wear the pieces you own. We started with something both of us own (and wear) a lot of… scarves!!!! Echo Designs have an array of beautiful printed and solid scarves, so if you’re looking to add in your life I suggest starting with them.

As you know, mixing prints is sort of my thing, and it can be your thing too. Adding a printed scarf as a belt is such a simple & effortless way to throw print on top of print. Make sure you check out Raven’s Blog to see how she styled up her Echo Designs scarf.

What are some ways that you guys wear your scarves?

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