Mango mimosa

Sip With Vic: Sor-mosa

Mango mimosa


Hello Lovers!!!

Today marks another Sip With Vic!!! I’m pretty excited to share this one with ya’ll. I’m not sure what’s with my recent obsession with sparkling liquor & frozen treats, but today’s Sormosa and last week’s winesicles are both hybrids of the 2. Sormosa is the term my roommate coined for this yummy mix of Champagne and Sorbet.

I LOVEEEEE mimosas!!!! On any given Saturday or Sunday you can find me brunching somewhere with bottomless mimosas. ¬†This is my spin on your plain old orange juice and champagne mix. It’s perfect for those hot summer brunches, and when you want to just try something a little out of the box.

korbel mimosa recipe


Start with the ingredients:

  1. A bottle of your favorite champagne (this tiny Korbel bottle was gifted to me at an event so I decided to use it)
  2. Your favorite sherbet or sorbet. I chose Haagen Daz mango sorbet.
  3. A fruit to match your sherbet/sorbet for garnish

sherbert mimosa

mango sorbet mimosa

Add about 1 1/2 scoops of sorbet to your flute(s)

mango sorbet mimosa

Pour your champagne over the sorbet. It will fizz, so be careful when pouring. Let the mixture settle and then pour more.

mango sherbert mimosa

Take a spoon to mix the champagne and sorbet together until frothy.

Add your garnish and serve.

Mango mimosa



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